About Us

Success in business requires the ability to think differently in every area of the organisation.

Successful implementation creates a culture that embraces change, cross-team interaction and curiosity about what is possible. This can be applied easily to any work environment.

At Back of House we achieve this with innovative programs and activities.

Debra Fraser - Lead Trainer


Business must track its financial position, tax liabilities, income and expenditure.

Our XERO training courses enable you to become confident and accurate in doing this. We recommend XERO accounting package for most businesses.

Financial Literacy

Once the financials are being captured, it is vital that the business owner understands the information that is available to them.

Far from being dull, financial reports are vital to a business owner Allowing them to identify risks and opportunities now so they can make predictions for the future.

Whether you are using Xero or another package our Financial Literacy program equips you with the ability to analyse and understand the messages and warnings your accounts are sending you.

Creative Problem Solving

In a rapidly changing world existing ways of doing things may not be the best way to make the most of new opportunities or deal with threats as they come along.

Our Creative Problem Solving courses use a proven method of using creativity to develop innovative solutions.

The method ensures the real problem is being solved and not a symptom.

Once a solution has been selected a plan can be created, implemented and evaluated.

Creative problem solving can be used in any area of the business including operations and financial areas