Creative Problem Solving 1 Day Training Course

Uncovering new approaches to discovering opportunities, innovation or solve problems requires skills in creative problem solving and decision making.

To do this well requires having a consistent proven process that:

Identifies the problems

Develops options

Designs solutions

Implements the selected solution

In the Back Of House Creative Problem Solving 1 Day Training Course ...

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Participants will learn

  • How to understand and apply problem solving steps and tools
  • How to analyse information to clearly identify the real problem
  • How to identify appropriate solutions
  • How to think creatively and be a contributing member of a problem solving team
  • How to select the best approach for making decisions
  • How to create a plan for implementing, evaluating and following up on selected solutions
  • Ways to avoid common decision making mistakes

Course includes

  • Specialised manual and course materials
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
  • Interactive class session
  • Instruction by an expert trainer